Interfaith relationships and community

Last night Delia Scott and her team welcomed many different people to a dinner at Kolbe House.Many of us from different faith communities had met each other at lectures and seminars and formal functions.It was a meal in honour of Fr John Oliver who worked tirelessly across barriers to unite and serve all people.He died suddenly two months ago.Others were new and interesting faces and each with a story of reaching past ourselves for the good of the community.Some stimulating input from Imam Rashid Omar,Fr Chris Clohessy,and Rabbi Greg Alexander.John Scott was our amiable and quick witted master of ceremonies for the evening.This morning we woke to news of the Kenyan massacre in a shopping centre and the news of 70 worshippers killed at a church built in the design of a mosque in Pakistan.The design of the church was purposefully chosen to honour the unity amongst all peoples in that land.What bonds of respect in love and wisdom are required across the barriers that divide and fuel hostility and hatred that decimate living communities and make a mockery of peace initiatives.Let us hold Cape Town accountable to being a city of compassion and tolerant respect for all peoples.Peace has to be more than words in a song we sing in the face of such evil intention and chaos.

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